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Complete regetration form

Pay the regetration fees 300/400usd.

TRASFER 300/400$ ,- to our bank account and add eventual bank charges.

Beneficiary: azeemi GmbH
Bank: sberbank
IBAN: DE78 200 700 240 360 857 700

Purpose of use: INTERNSHIP/TRAINING Application + "Your Name"

After your payment please send us an email to informing us about your money transfer and if you can add a scan of the money transfer proof.
Alternatively take a picture with your smartphone and send it by Whatsapp to +79262465772.
Send the processing fee , by WESTERN UNION to

khalid makhmoud

After your payment please send us by email the Western Union Transaction Code, the name of the sender, the city from which you made the payment and the exact amount and currency sent.
Or scan the Western Union form and send us the payment proof to
Alternatively take a picture with your smartphone and sent it by Whatsapp to +79262465772


Your name

Apply online / Fill in the Online Application
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Sponsorship packge document

A list of required documents and questionaries.


(IF SELF-PLACED) Download, read and understand the DS-2019 information

If you are eligible and like to apply for the DS-2019 form, please pay the processing fee of 300/400$,.

*Before making any payments please see the Eligibilty.

DS-2019 information

(PRE-PLACED) Interview with the employer
  1. receive from the coordinator the internship option by e-mail
  2. an interview with the employer at the appointed time
  3. sign a work contract
  4. pay the remaining cost of the program within 3 working days from the date of your signing the contract with the Receiving Party




Processing your application and issuing the DS forms.

As soon as azeemi receives your application and the processing fee.we will assign a suitable US visa sponsor and your application will be forwarded to this visa sponsor.

We will inform you about the assigned visa sponsor and you will receive by email within the following 48-72 hours information about the next steps to issue the DS form, also how and when you have to pay the issuing fee.

The DS form will be issued in the USA. This lasts about 30-45 days depending on the postal mail duration and how soon you or your host company in the US could provide all necessary documents.

Generally you need to provide a CV in English, one reference letter in English, information about the insurance during your stay in the US. And your host company needs to provide a training plan (DS-7002).
You and your host company will receive detail information about these items by email.

the applicant will receive the DS form via UPS, FedEx or other postal service.

Once you received your DS form you can apply for the J1 visa at the nearest US consulate/embassy. You have to go personally to the US Embassy after getting an appointment beforehand. The next available appointment could be in several weeks ahead, depending on the season and the US embassy/consulate. You should apply for a personal appointment at the US consulate/embassy by time! The visa issue will last about approx. another 2 weeks.

You should initiate the whole DS and J1-visa procedure by time. The best would be with a lead time of about 3 month before planned arrival at the USA. Unfortunately many applicants are applying very late and also booked a flight to the US without having ensured to obtain the J1-visa by time.

*Important note "Inappropriate applications"
Inappropriate applications with forwarded processing fee payments.
In case of unrequested processing fee payments (e.g. via PayPal) and inappropriate DS-2019 form applications (e.g. DS-2019 form for high school, au-pair, camp counselor, summer camps, not eligible professional areas, non-fulfillment of basic requirements, notice that DS-2019 form cannot issued temporarily or applications cannot processed) we will refund only 50% of the processing fee.
Inappropriate applications and payments cause of lot of work and costs. Please avoid inappropriate applications.
If you have any doubts about your eligibility please contact us before making any payments.

Any questions left?

Please feel free to ask us!
Phone +74959638607
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