Step 1. Register in Rquired Programe

  • Fill the application form.
  • pay the registration fee 300/400$.

Step 2. submitt the required documents.

  • get the list of required documents and questionnaires from the coordinator
  • within 14 days from the date of Contract,submit your complete documents to our office
  • make an advance payment of $ 850 upon admission to the program by a visa sponsor

Step 3. Interview with the Employer

  • receive option of internship by email from the coordinator.
  • a interview with the employer at the appointed time
  • sign a work contract
  • pay the remaining cost of the program within 3 working days from the moment you sign an agreement with the Host.

Step 4.process of visa J-1

  • pay SEVIS 180$ AND 160$ Visa fees.
  • Interview with visa officer at us counslates in your home country.
  • inform the result of your intview to your co ordinator.

Step 5. departure to USA

  • agree on a flight option with the coordinator, pay for the air ticket, fly to the USA
  • Get an unforgettable experience and share your impressions with Alternative!


Internship USA Client Instructions

-Steps to apply for the internship/trainee

Step 1. Apply for internship/trainee
  • Agreement signed by the Participant with the Alternative to participate in the program (copy of the Agreement in PDF / JPEG format);
  • Program payment:must be paid Within 3 working days from the moment of signing the contract.
Step 2. complete the application form and prepare the required documents.

2.1 Within 7 days after singing the contract, prepare and send following documents to your coordinator :

  • resume in english language in doc format.
  • scan copy of your valid passport ;
  • scan copies of all previous us visas;
  • scan copy of your national identity card;
  • Two letters of recommendation in English from the university or from the place of work on the letterhead of the company-employer or the university, certified by the seal and signature of the responsible employee of the organization, issued no more than 11 months before the date of signing the contract. If you graduated from college more than a year ago, letters of recommendation should contain work experience that is equal to or longer in duration: 1 year if the internship field coincides with the field of education and 5 years if the internship field differs from education. Letters of recommendation from the employer must contain the title of the position, the mode of operation - full time (or from 35 hours per week) and the period of employment.; sample
  • For graduates: scan copy of diploma of higher education and diploma ; Certified translations of diploma.
  • for student: Scan / Copy of certificate from the university certifying student status; certified by a certified translator, translation of certificates from the university.
  • in English, which explains how participation in the internship program will contribute to his future career (1-2 pages).
  • foto 5х5 в electronic form that meets the requirements of the US consulate.
  • 2.2 In some cases, with prior notice, the documents required by some of the visa sponsors are requested:
  • Financial Support Confirmation form confirming the intention of parents / guardians to provide financial support for the period of participation in the program;
  • applicant- Partner Interview form or Interview Report form; ;
  • Letter to the employer (in English);
  • Certificate of English exam;
In the case of an self arrange by you of an employer, the following forms are need to provided to you by your coordinator and are to be completed by your employer company in the program:
  • Signed formal job offer - an invitation signed by you and the Employer for a Job on a visa sponsor letterhead;
  • DS 7002 - internship plan;
  • Host Business Agreement – the contract between the employer company and the Participant, signed by both parties;
The following documents are from your employer:
  • Employer Dunn & Bradstreet Identification Number;
  • Copy of Workers’ Compensation – A document certifying the existence of insurance against an accident at work: scan / copy of the policy.

If you email documents, file you must specify your first and last name, as well as the document in Latin letters: Ivan_Ivanov_rsume.doc, Ivan_Ivanov_reference.pdf

Step 3. from the host side

After you provide the required documents, you will be informed by email of the decision on admission to the program by the host. Upon notification, a prepayment is made for the program in the amount of$900.
After payment and a nesessary documents provided by you, through e-mail you will be informed about one of the possible vacancies.which is necessary for future employment:

  • 1.Contact your coordinator by e-mail and inform him your decision;
  • 2.interview with the host via Skype (the coordinator will arrange the date and time and will informs you);
  • 3.Sign a contract with the host. The contract form will be sent to you by your coordinator within 3 days from the moment you are approved for the vacancy. The agreement between the Participant and the Host (visa sponsor) is concluded electronically on the website of the visa sponsor or in the form of scans.
  • A scan of the contract signed by you.email to us at info@j1usavisa.ru within 2 working days from the date you recieve a contract.
Payment for the program and visa J-1
  • The payment for the program is within 3 working days from the moment you sign an agreement with the Receiving Party, the visa sponsor. The amount depends on the program option you chose, the internship period and the program sponsor:
Additional payments:
  • SEVIS fees 180$ Paid by you along with the cost of the program according the contract with the Host,on Host account;
  • Consular fee 160$ of the US embassy (paid by you independently by one of the methods established by the US.
  • *By credit card on the website of the consulate.
  • *or bank designated y counslates.
  • *by cash if offer by us counslates;
  • The cost of an air ticket is tentatively. In the case of a different destination in the United States, airfare may vary.
  • Details for payment are indicated in the invoice from the visa sponsor Without paying for their services, the visa sponsor will not be able to issue, the documents which is necessary for proceding a J-1 visa.
Step 4.submitt Visa Application to USA Counslate
  • You receive documents from your coordinator,( within 20 working days from the time of your employment under the program,) but no later than 5 weeks before the expected date of the visa interview, the documents which is necessary for a interview and for the US consulate for your visa application:
  • Original DS-7002 form (detailed internship plan) - you read and sign;
  • Original DS-2019 form (official permission to stay and work in the United States). It is the basis for obtaining a visa category J-1 (for participants in exchange programs) and determines the time during which you can work in the United States.you read and sign
  • Training Plan
  • Ds 160 visa application form
  • Supplement the package with the following documents:
  • valid passport;
  • bank statement;
  • Documents confirming ties/relations with the homeland (individually);
  • Student ID, degree / Diploma of college/university;
  • Receipt of visa fees.
  • Your coordinator will informs you the date of the interview at the embassy. You get detailed information on all sorts of questions which may be questioned at the time of interview, etc.
Interview at the us counslate:
  • You must come to the visa interview on time, at the appointed time and date. In case of a no-show, you will be denied a visa, regardless of the reasons for your absence..
  • The results of the visa interview must be inform to your coordinator on the day of the interview.
Step 5. Ticket, Departure
  • Within 3 working days of the results of your visa application, , agree on the proposed flight option and instructions;
Step 6. Homecoming
  • Upon returning to Homeland, you must provide to your coordinator with the originals / copies of the documents for reporting to the sponsor and at the US Embassy:
  • DS-2019;
  • boarding passes:
  • copy of usa visa :
  • copy of Pages with a exit stamp of usa ;