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USA Visa B1/B2

B Nonimmigrant Visa Classification

Generally, the alien is granted a combined B-1/B-2 visa for one, three or ten years allowing him/her to stay six (6) months per year in the U.S. You may be able to obtain an extension up to six (6) months. If you stay in the U.S. for one year, you must either leave the country or change your status.

B-1 visa: Temporary visa for business travelers

An alien who enters in the U.S. for business reasons that do not involve receiving income from a U.S. source may be granted a B-1 visa.

Business travelers may engage business activities such as market research. A working visa is required for aliens who want to run a business or perform a “gainful employment” in the U.S.

Those visas are also granted to domestic servants of non-immigrant visa holders who want to work in the United States (E, H, I L, O, P, Q, or R). Please see definition of each type of visa on iour website.

What types of activity may be undertaken by business travelers on a B-1 visa?

  • Business persons who come to the United States to undertake a market research.
  • Investors who come to the United States to establish their investments.
  • Enter the U.S. solely to carry on the vocation of a minister of the religious organization.
  • Employees of a company who come to the United States to solicit sales opportunities or investment, negotiate contracts, or take orders from established customers for work to be performed outside the United States.
  • Employees of the parent company of a United States corporation who come to the United States to meet the United States business associates.
  • Business persons who come to the United States so as to attend professional conferences, conventions, meetings or seminars in the United States.
  • Domestic servants: domestic employee who is accompanying his/her employer who seeks admission to, or who is already in, the United States on some nonimmigrant visas provided the domestic servanthas been employed outside the United States by the employer for at least one (1) year prior to the date of the employer's admission to the United States.

B-2 visa: Visitors ("Tourists"): Temporary visitors for pleasure or medical treatment

The B-2 visa is granted to aliens who come to the U.S. for the following activities:
  • Tourism.
  • Visiting family or friends.
  • Participation in conventions, conferences or any social organization.
  • Participation in musical, sports or similar events as amateurs.
  • Medical care.
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